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Fitness is key to health for Chiranjit Malakar

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“The importance of keeping fit is to ensure the ease of mobility,” says Mohammedan Sporting Club Physical Trainer Chiranjit Malakar. “It is also to ensure good cardiovascular health and to promote happy endorphins.”

“All what it takes is movement and dedication. It is a matter of fostering a habit of exercising and knowing that your fitness habits will reap great rewards at the end.”

Chiranjit believes we all have to keep motivating ourselves. He also stresses  the importance of understanding that fitness is not a once off event but a lifestyle. “It is vital to find the type of exercise routine that works for you (i.e. Weight Training, Cardio or CrossFit).

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. A fitness regime for starters would be body weight exercises like squats, push ups, jumping jacks, planks and lunges.”

In conclusion Chiranjit advises: “You basically start with the exercises that don’t require equipment. Start by learning the proper technique for these exercises and then you can add weights as your fitness levels increase.”

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