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Special Meeting of Executive Committee Held On Friday

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KOLKATA: Mohammedan Sporting Club made the following decisions at the Special meeting of the Executive Committee in Mohammedan Sporting Club tent on Friday.

The Members of the Executive Committee unanimously elected Gurgaon based businessman and cricket enthusiast Mr. Deepak Kumar as the new Hony. Cricket Secretary.

Mr. Kumar, who has revolutionary ideas on how to develop the cricket section of Mohammedan Sporting, made it clear during his first media interaction that his primary objective will be to find good talents at a very young age so that they get enough exposure to learn fundamentals of the game and can perform at higher levels.

He observed Mohammedan Sporting performs relatively well at shorter format tournaments organized by the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB), but fails to repeat the same at longer formats such as Two-Day and Three-Day cricket.

Therefore, he is looking to build a team which will be equally competitive at the longer formats, and for that he is planing to bring modern technics in Clubs’ highly successful cricket academy, where more than 500 young crickets honing their skills at present such as bowling machine and indoor wickets.

He believes in a city like Kolkata where cricket is like a religion and every other kid aspirant to be the next Virat Kohli or Mahendra Singh Dhoni with support from all corners of the society specially media, Mohammedan Sporting will soon be the powerhouse of Bengal’s domestic cricket.

The Club has further added eight new faces to the Executive Committee, Mr. Hamid Rashid (Vice President), Mr. Ali Akbar (Vice President), Mr. Mir Azam Khan (Vice President), Mr. Imtiaz Hussain (Vice President), Mr. Hasnain Ahmed (Executive Committee Member), Mr. Adil Qamar (Executive Committee Member), Mr. Zia Ali (Executive Committee Member) and Mr. Danish Iqbal (Executive Committee Member).

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