Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

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A Message From The Black Panthers

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We acknowledge the disappointment shared by all regarding Black Panthers’ I-League 2nd Division games, which have unfortunately been postponed. 

There’s nothing better than supporting or representing Mohammedan Sporting Club, and playing the game we all love – football.

However, you don’t need us to tell you COVID-19 is throwing new challenges at us everyday, and it’s putting strain on us all. These are difficult and unprecedented times, where we must all come together and support one another. 

In this uncertain time of the Coronavirus outbreak, we are urging Mohammedan Sporting Club supporters to take care and observe all the prescribed precautionary measures to avoid contracting and spreading of the pandemic.

During this period, we discourage Mohammedan Sporting Club supporters from gathering and holding any meetings. This is in accordance with the statement issued on 15 March by the Government of West Bengal on measures to combat COVID-19 pandemic.

The wellbeing of the supporters and Indians is of great concern to us at this critical time. We urge the supporters to follow government guidelines regarding hygiene to ensure the well being of everybody. All of us have to do whatever we can to protect one another. We trust that soon this will pass, and everything will be back to normal.

We wish all those in the line of duty during this time lots strength and good health as they will be providing essential services to the citizens.

While there are no live Black Panthers games coming up, we are working hard to make sure we stay as connected as possible with you, our fans.

Thank you for supporting us, and let’s continue this journey together, as one.


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