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Mohammedan Sporting Club mourn Prasanta Dora demise

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KOLKATA: Mohammedan Sporting Club are in a state of mourning following the untimely demise of former Black Panthers goalkeeper Prasanta Dora (44) on Tuesday.

Dora was diagnosed with Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) in December after he developed unremitting fever.

“I have received the devastating news of Prasanta’s passing,” lamented Mohammedan Sporting Club Football Secretary Dipendu Biswas.

“I am still reeling from the shock of hearing this sad news. Prasanta may be gone but he will never be forgotten. His memory will linger on in the hearts and minds of the Mohammedan Sporting Club faithful.” he further added.

Dora played an important role in Mohammedan Sporting Club’s run to the final in Federation Cup 2002/03.

Tomorrow Mohammedan Sporting Club flag will be lowered to half-mast to mark the day of mourning.

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