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Jamal ready to thrive under pressure

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KOLKATA: Mohammedan Sporting Club midfielder Jamal Bhuyan said he is aware that playing for the Black Panthers means he must be prepared to thrive under pressure.

“I wanted a new challenge as I have been in Bangladesh for a few years now and know all the players, coaches and clubs. When I got the opportunity to play for Mohammedan Sporting, I talked to my family and said ‘You know what, let me just check this challenge and see what I can do,” said Jamal.

Regarding the heritage of the club, Jamal said, “I have spoken with few people who knew Mohammedan Sporting. I spoke about how big a club it is and how big the history of the club is. Even I have spoken with the Bangladesh assistant coach Stuart Watkiss. He told me it’s one of the biggest clubs in India. The history of this club is huge and also the fan base of the club is huge.  He told me, ‘If I was you then I would go there’. That also helped me to take my decision to join Mohammedan Sporting.”

Mohammedan Sporting General Secretary Sk. Wasim Akram said Jamal is a “champion” player who can help the club become champions.

“It’s my job to prove that I’m a champion, I have to prove that Mohammedan Sporting didn’t make a mistake by bringing me here. As a footballer, you face different kind of pressure and I think this kind of pressure is healthy for me. If there is no pressure then there is no fun in it for me. I’m going to take this challenge and try to do my best every day.” Jamal added.

The Bangladesh national team skipper also said this opportunity would certainly open doors for other footballers from Bangladesh.


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