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This is the last time Mohammedan playing 2nd Division – Willis Plaza

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KOLKATA: Willis Plaza was upbeat after completing his first training session with Mohammedan Sporting Club under the strict Covid-19 protocols at the Mohammedan Sporting Ground.

The striker is happy to start ball work again and ultimately is looking forward to the start of the 2nd Division League qualifiers once the AIFF has given the green light as to when matches will start again.

“It’s like a breath of fresh air. The set-up is new to us, but we have to get used to it,” Plaza said, “It felt good to run through a few exercises. I look forward to more of these sessions.”

“It really feels good to be back at training,” Plaza added, who looks as happy as a child who just got an ice cream.

While the West Indian ace is ready to get back out on the field, he is aware of the challenges that will come with the current situation brought about by the corona-virus pandemic, as the team gets ready to be match fit and play a host of games in a few weeks.

“At the end of the season, we normally have just one or two months off,” he said, “But now it has been more than four months of no proper training. This means as we resume training, we need to be cautious. We will be guided by the technical team and coaching staff as we ease our way back. It will be crucial for us to be mentally tough in the days ahead.”

“We are in a difficult situation right now,” he explained. “I do feel that when we start again, we can bring joy to the fans once again and help the current situation somewhat. It will be strange to play in an empty stadium without the energy of our fans. But we will continue to play with them in our hearts. This is the last time when Mohammedan is playing 2nd Division, after this you’ll see us in I-League” Plaza added.

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