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Important Decisions Taken At Executive Committee Meeting

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KOLKATA: Mr. Sk. Wasim Akram on Wednesday formally took charge as the Hony. General Secretary of Mohammedan Sporting Club.
After former General Secretary Mr. Mohammed Qamaruddin vacated the post due to personal reasons, 32-year-old Mr. Akram was elected the Secretary unopposed at the Executive Committee meeting, chaired by President Mohammed Amiruddin.

“We are delighted to have Wasim Akram as our General Secretary. We have no doubt he will help strengthen our administration and steer the ship forward,” said Mr. Amiruddin.

While Mr. Akram will be the General Secretary, Mr. Sharique Ahmed and Mr. Dipendu Biswas were elected as Finance Secretary and Football Secretary respectively.

“I am honoured to be associated with Mohammedan Sporting Club and would like to thank, the Executive Committee for considering me for this post. There was a time when Mohammedan Sporting Club set the benchmark in Indian Football and we will leave no stones unturned to take Mohammedan Sporting Club where it belongs,” said Mr. Akram.

Mr. Ahmed said,”My immediate target is to channelize our resources properly. We need to allocate accordingly to cricket, athletics and even work on the cultural aspects of the club.” 

He also requested fans to get life membership and make the club even stronger.

Mr. Biswas made it clear that as Football Secretary his primary objective is to qualify for I-League. He also mentioned that he have a long term vision for the club which includes emphasis on our grassroots program and promoting local talent.

3 thoughts on “Important Decisions Taken At Executive Committee Meeting

  1. Congratulations to both of them Mr. Akram & Mr. Biswan. I hope that Mohammedan sporting club I-League will qualify this year.

  2. Asslamu Alai Kum,. We r in hope that sooner than later, Club will regain it’s old glory. We r very pained to see the club in sorrow state.. Hope for the BEST..

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