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Mohammedan Sporting Club observes AFC Grassroots Day 2017

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KOLKATA: Mohammedan Sporting Club celebrated the annual AFC Grassroots Day at Mohammedan Sporting Ground in Kolkata on Saturday (20th May 2017), focusing on getting kids of the age group (6-12) to come together learn the basics of the game through various fun activities.

Though the AFC Grassroots Day usually observed on 15th May every year but the date has fallen on Monday this year therefor the club decided to celebrate it on weekend to reach out more kids.

The event at Mohammedan Sporting Ground was inaugurated by Mr. Sultan Ahmed, M.P President Mohammedan Sporting Club alongside Mr. Utpal Kumar Ganguli, Hony. General Secretary Indian Football Association (IFA) and Mr. Ghazal Uz Zafar, Hony. General Secretary Mohammedan Sporting Club.

Also present on the occasion were Mr. Sharique Ahmed, Chairman of Youth Development Project Mohammedan Sporting Club, Mr. Hasnain Ahmed, Vice-Chairman of Youth Development Project Mohammedan Sporting Club, Mr. Goutam Ghosh, Technical Director IFA and Mr. Belal Ahmed Khan, Team Manager Mohammedan Sporting Club.

As part of the event organised by the 126-year-old club, more than 12 coaches trained at least 150 kids as football players after they were given an awareness session on the game to participate, exemplifying the grassroots spirit of inclusivity.

As the kids rotated through the stations, they learned new football skills including juggling, dribbling, precision passing, shots on goal and speed running.

“The aim of the event is not only bringing up good players, but at the same time to inspire children into the sport, to encourage healthy lifestyles and to develop both physical, moral and volitional qualities.” said Mr. Sultan Ahmed.

“Grassroots development provides a strong foundation that will allow children to progress to the top level. The foundation we build today will lead to a greater future for our historical club.” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ganguli thanked Mohammedan Sporting Club for this great initiative and said this kind of events will make kids enjoy the game and at the same time help them learn basics of the game.

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