Thu. Oct 1st, 2020

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Black Panthers Meet Cancer Survivors On World Cancer Day

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KOLKATA: With a noble and great initiative, Mohammedan Sporting Club players took out time from their busy schedule to meet cancer survivors at the Fanattic Sports Museum in Kolkata during an Cancer Awareness and Prevention Program organised by the Global Cancer Trust on the occasion of World Cancer Day on Sunday (February 2, 2020).

Global Cancer Trust is a philanthropic organization based in Kolkata, comprising of people from a cross-section of the society. Global Cancer Trust is committed to protect present and future generations from the devastating effects of tobacco and errant life style. 

“It was a humbling experience, these men and women provide a lot of inspiration. Surviving cancer and living with it is a fight in itself. They have shown lot of charcater and beleif. They are the real life heroes. They inspired our players to have a never-say-die attitude,” said Mohammedan Sporting Club Team Manager Belal Ahmed Khan.

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